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  • I have eaten pizza , calzones and their lasagna All I can say is excellent food. The dough is made fresh daily, their own pizza sauce and fresh toppings. If you want to try excellent food I highly recommend Ana's Pizza a family owned business with high standards

    Arlene Coulter 01/13/2018

  • You get great service from Shred-it all the time. The personal are great to work with and very courteous

    Steve Walkom 01/12/2018

  • Bloomex at 1100 Main st. called twice on the day after they tried unsuccessfully to deliver a fruit basket. Turns out they didn't call ahead on the scheduled delivery day to give us a heads-up on when to expect delivery (not their policy). So, on the day after, they did call to arrange a pickup time- between 1230 and 3pm. We offered to pick the fruit basket up because we were planning to be away from home at that time. We gave them a cell # to call when the basket returned to Bloomex store from first attempted delivery. We called Bloomex back around 1 pm to confirm that the basket was back in the store. The manager confirmed that the basket was back. When we asked why she didn't call, she didn't seem to understand that was why we gave her our cell#. The front door to the store was locked when we got there (~230). Inside there was a dog nipping at our heels. and a cat wandering around the front of the store. The customer area looked untidy. The manager did not either thank us or apologize, and said they didn't have time to call ahead of the first attempted delivery. Hence our unfavourable rating.

    ROGER FOSTER 01/11/2018

  • FUNGUS ALERT Beware in this place I got foot fungus with my pedicure. My feet started to itch shortly after visiting Glamour Secrets Beauty Bar. My doctor Informed me that I have foot fungus. The worst pat is that it may not ever get cured.

    Franie 01/09/2018

  • My experience with this school was one of complete disorganization and lack of professional management. I am now the fourth family I know which has left due to the ownership and management's inability to properly run a school for children. They seem to not understand service and what it takes to cater to children's learning in a professional manner. The owners are not managing according to Canadian customer expectations. Also, I watched my child's class as two instructors openly discussed Harvey Weinsten's sexual assault of a number of women - all in front of 8-11 year old boys. I quickly entered the classroom and they stopped which makes me wonder what goes on when parents aren't watching. There don't seem to be any rules to proper protocol and organization. Surely the worst school I have experienced from the numerous places may kids have attended. Save your money - they are overpriced. You can get more for your money at the numerous others camps and schools.

    customer 01/01/2018

  • To be honest, I understand this side of the digital marketing very little. I usually tend to try doing everything myself, but it can be well worth it to take it to an expert like Charles Leveillee. He knows what is doing, Charles walked me through his white hat SEO services, and the results were pretty fast.

    Katherine Roy 12/22/2017

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