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  • Amazing work. The photo quality is too good. They genuinely care about their clients. Satisfied with the outcome. Keep it up.

    Yesha Bhagat 11/21/2017

  • We were looking for a stable school for our boys. This is not the one. Found out they operated illegally at the Semiahmoo Fish and Game Farm a few years ago. Ended up ordered to move out. Found out when we requested an FOI on there operation. They moved to the Camp McLean in Langley. Again, operated illegally on the camp grounds since day one. Verified with Langley. Kids ended up getting bussed to another local school further away. Now they operate in a shared school facility. Not impressed with their lack of transparency. Seems like all their facebook likes are from people either employed by them or a part of their operation for their personal promotional.

    Jany 11/20/2017

  • Help inTime of Need My son from Saskatchewan and I from BC were in Calgary when his truck started “grinding” and he needed to be home the next day. We had stopped at one auto service centre which told us it would be 3 days before they could even look at it. Then we found Speedy Apollo in Midnapore . Told them the situation and they quickly inspected and diagnosed the problems Not only do they live up to their name “ Speedy” but are very compassionate and caring people. They sent us on our way with reassurance that we would make it home. Told us what was good and gave us a list of things that should be repaired back in Saskatchewan. 
I loved the friendly atmosphere that the staff created. I felt assured that I found an honest business. If I lived in Calgary, Speedy Apollo in Midnapore would be my vehicle service centre.

    Larry Halverson 11/17/2017

  • Excellent customer service. Honest businessman. highly recommended.

    khan 11/16/2017

  • THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST CLINIC I'VE EVER BEEN TO. Let me begin by saying that I know that pap tests aren't suppose to feel the greatest but he (Dr. Al Anee)clearly didn't do this often enough. He kept digging the beak into my vagina (after swabbing) like he was trying to get a sample of my ovaries. It was clear that I was in a lot of pain so it was either him or something was for sure going on down there. Now, due to me being a new resident, I was told to pay a fee of $50 which will be reimbursed once I bring in my new Ontario Health Card. One week later, I went in for my results and a different receptionist took a quick look at my file and tried to tell me that i wasn't going to get a reimbursement until i made it clear that this is what arranged by the head person of the clinic. Then I finally got to meet the my awesome doctor Al Anee who told me my tests were inconclusive. I asked how that was possible and the doctor gave me some half ass story about the organisms on the sample dying before they get to the lab followed by blaming it on the lab. They then had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to do it again for another $50. I'M NEVER RETURNING TO THIS CLINIC EVER AGAIN AND I SUGGEST YOU DON'T EVER WASTE YOUR TIME GOING EITHER. ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE A NEW RESIDENT AND /OR YOU HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM. This clinic is for flu shots and amateurs... and even then. I wouldn't trust the flu shot.

    anonymous 11/15/2017

  • Products barely work in are super temporarily and they are horribly overpriced. And then when you do pay a little something you come in for the free facials and then they send you home with free products and then call you months later and say you owe thousands after charging my friend I called them up and said I was contacting the police and they refunded money immediately

    kyle andrews 11/15/2017

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