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  • Selling units that need tons of work,have been fined by the Vehicle Sales Authority on many occasion,father & son rip off team,beware ladis & gents

    Johnny 09/17/2018

  • Hello, My name is Jeff, I work for a fantastic company that can help your company. We offer Social Signals for your social media accounts and website. For Example - Facebook likes, Instagram Followers ect... We also offer Phone Verification Service. If you need to create new social media accounts and need real numbers To phone verifiy we supply those. Our other Service we offer. Is Accounts that are already made for social media Example Facebook accounts Instagram accounts Youtube Accounts ect. Thanks for taking the time to read this Here are our websites below

    Deanna Caro 09/10/2018

  • Well, this person is there to help all over Canada and US to purchase an amsoil products. 24 hours a day and 7 days week. Please kindly call him at 7806606756. I forgot his Name. Opps

    Mark 08/28/2018

  • This is a terrible company. The workmanship is one of the worst I've seen ever. My posts are moving and none were straight on in line. Add to this that they didn't put them on the correct property line and now the backyard is smaller. Avoid these idiots like the plague.

    Oliver 08/27/2018

  • Hey you don't use the address on this website because you don't live there anymore. Please take down your add or at least that its at an address that you are not associated with at all.

    Em 08/03/2018

  • Steer clear of this ticking dump managed by untrustworthy crooked scumbag. You will be harassed and treated badly so do not stay here even if you get a good Deal. They just want 2 dupe u out of money. AVOID

    Kevin Joseph 06/26/2018

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