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  • Horribly disappointed in this populace. Ordered some balloons for my son's birthday and prepaid for them because my Mom was going to pick them up. As it turns out they were opening late that day so I had to pick them up the day before. Glad I went to get them myself because the owner (Kelly) who took the order just 5 days before insisted I hadn't paid and made me pay a second time to get my order. I phoned back to complain and they say they've refunded my money to my credit card. I guess we'll see. Mistakes happen but Kelly was very rude about to me telling me point blank I was wrong. We'll, she was wrong and not only did I not get an apology, she refused to talk to me when I called. Horrible, horrible business woman. To add further insult to injury, the balloons are all under inflated. Next time I need balloons I'll deal with Party City.

    Martin Lylyk 09/10/2017

  • Great service, delivery driver very helpful. Thanks

    Peter Moshonas 08/16/2017

  • Good company

    Ourum 03/24/2017

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