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  • Do not do business with this company....very poor workmanship, doesn't pay his subcontractors. Just declares bankruptcy and starts another business. People be very aware!!

    J 05/30/2018

  • We hired Old York Roofing to remove an old carpet & floor and install a new floor in February/March 2018. We also hired them to remove an old stove that was installed in our walls. In our contract, José agreed to remove & dispose of the existing materials (carpet, floor, stove) for a fee of $500. As of May 25th 2018, our old floor, carpeting, and stove are still sitting in our backyard. We have been very patient & have called and emailed them many times without any response, but José is ignoring all our messages. They took the $500 that we paid them for the removal of these items without ever disposing of them. We cannot enjoy the nice weather as our backyard looks like a garbage dump. Do not hire Old York Roofing-- they will not complete the services you pay them for and will take your money.

    Hannah Copping-Patton 05/25/2018

  • I have not plan to buy anything but When I 1st time visit their store cant you believe I purchased bags for me my husband and my kids. The reusable bags collection is excellent.

    seed 04/19/2018

  • Great spot. Lots of light. Big windows. Friendly host. Would rent again.

    DJ Essence 04/13/2018

  • Even one star would need t br fair to give it should be less than that. The lady who answered me today on the phone is very rude and she said interested is my mistake I placed a mobile order and went to another Tim Hortons she was not professional at all in her answer

    Lorna Mans 03/30/2018

  • Great guys who know their stuff. Every time I've gone to the store. I've had quick courteous service from people who were very patient and helpful. Well done guys!!!

    David Oliver 03/12/2018

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